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Colour Coded Series

1. The Black Bullet

Having a dark past, she left it all behind… At least she tried to.


When Bullet moved from Prismatic to Colour Coded, her previous boss, Neon, did everything in his power to win her back. But, knowing the kind of man he was, she did not accept any of his pleas.


After his begging turns into threats, Bullet and the rest of Colour Coded are forced into a dangerous chess game as a means of not only protecting their own, but protecting their pasts.


In the end, a choice must be made.

What means more to her, her Colour Coded family… or her horrific history she has shielded for so many years?


2. The Silver Sparrow

It was a treacherous mission they embarked on, but as Bullet and Wire are well on the way to a full recovery, Colour Coded are back at the wheel, and they're more eager than ever to see Neon – and Prismatic – fall for good...

However, tension, conflict, and hostility strain each of them as Sparrow is starting to crumble under the stress of his past possibly coming to the surface. A month after Neon escaped from his secret bunker, a discovery by Youth give them their only lead to finding him. As each of them explore every avenue of gathering intel before retaliating, it becomes apparent that Neon, in the most gruesome way possible, is setting them up to fail, and is constantly one step ahead of them on his road to revenge. While Sparrow's mind has him doubting, not only their ability to catch Neon, but the integrity of the people he has trusted for so long, tempers begin to flare within the organisation, causing division within the team and, thus, making them a lot weaker as a unit.

Will they persevere in their attempt to subdue their ultimate nemesis? Or will Sparrow's weakened mental state make him Neon's ticket to unfolding Colour Coded once and for all?


3. The White Wire

Following the events in Bridge of Orchy, Colour Coded returns to action as The White Wire must revisit his family home to confirm if the woman Neon murdered was indeed his sister.

As the story unfolds, Colour Coded discovers another gang intertwined with Neon's world, and The Yellow Youth quickly realises his personal connection to one of its members. Forming an alliance may be their only hope to stop Neon.

However, in just a few hours, Colour Coded's mission shifts from tracking and killing Neon to preventing a bomb from annihilating an unsuspecting village - a bomb that Neon has arranged for Colour Coded to be blamed for.

Gang warfare, kidnapping, murder, and now terrorism. Neon will stop at nothing in his psychotic rage against his former team.

Can Colour Coded set aside their personal issues long enough to prevent the bomb from detonating? Or will Neon's mind games lead to fatal consequences?

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4. Stay Tuned...

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